Supporting Someone with an Addiction

Help and Support for Individuals

Valuable Sources of Support for Addicts and Family Members

As those struggling with pornography work to recover, seeking necessary support from others, they will also benefit from the sources listed below.

  1. Family Members
    Family members can most effectively be a source of support by offering love and acceptance and by applying the same treatment steps to their own lives.
  2. Recovery Meetings
    In these meetings, newcomers hear participants describe how they apply recovery principles and practices in daily living.
  3. Professional Counselors
    When seeking professional help, it is important to select someone who is supportive of gospel principles as well as recovery methods consistent with those taught in the addiction recovery program.
  4. Ecclesiastical Support
    Never forget or underestimate the power of ecclesiastical stewardship.
  5. A Support Person
    A support person helps those in recovery put their “lives into perspective and avoid exaggerating or minimizing [their] accountability” (Guide, 29).