In Their Own Words

A church leader shares his experience helping members overcome pornography.

By LDS Family Services

Church leaders are regularly confronted with pornography related problems with members whom they serve. Their struggles are heart breaking and their families and loved ones are devastated.

Listen to the story of a church leader who learned to help those struggling with pornography in his ward.

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In Their Own Words

A bishop reports how he learned to help ward members with pornography addiction.

  1. Continual Spiritual Counseling
    “I realized my need to continue meeting with and helping individuals over time as they worked on their recovery.”
  2. Professional Counseling
    “I have also come to realize the role that professional counselors, trained in treating pornography addiction, can play a part in healing.”
  3. Reaching Out to Spouses
    “I have learned to include spouses in cases where the individual is married…They often need to be reached out to with kindness, concern, and comfort during this difficult time.”
  4. Healing
    “I have seen many individuals heal and overcome this problem in their lives with hard work, commitment, the Lord’s help and support and assistance from loved ones and caring professionals.”
  5. It Takes More Than Willpower
    “I have learned that it takes more than just willpower for many and that they need special assistance to overcome this terrible addiction.”