Overcoming an Addiction

Help and Support for Spouses

Steps You Can Take Now

When you are able to manage your own feelings and love your spouse in spite of his or her weaknesses, you can become a great source of help to him or her. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Take a Stand
    Be kind but firm in not tolerating or joining in the problem.
  2. Seek Help
    Encourage your spouse to talk with the bishop and a counselor if needed.
  3. Communicate
    Foster a climate where your spouse can talk openly about the problem, but don't take on the role of policeman; a punitive environment will discourage open communication.
  4. Love
    Be encouraging and let your spouse know of your continuing love.
  5. Give Support
    Ask how you can help when your spouse is tempted to indulge again.
  6. Encourage Progress
    Express confidence in your spouse's ability to make progress.

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