Preventing an Addiction

Help and Support for Spouses


There are many things we can do to safeguard homes and protect others from the harmful effects of pornography. Elder M. Russell Ballard identified seven things that every parent can do to minimize the negative effects media can have on families.

  1. Make Good Media Choices
    We need to make good media choices ourselves and set good examples for children.
  2. Use Filters
    We need to use Internet filters and TV programming locks to prevent children from ‘chancing upon’ things they should not see.
  3. Spend Enough Quality Time With Children
    We need to spend enough quality time with children that we are consistently the main influence in their lives, not the media or any peer group.
  4. Limit the Amount of Time Children Watch Media
    We need to limit the amount of time our children watch TV or play video games or use the Internet each day. Virtual reality must not become their reality.
  5. Do Not Have TVs and Computers in a Private Place
    We need to have TVs and computers in a much-used common room in the home, not in a bedroom or a private place.
  6. Hold Family Councils
    We need to hold family councils and decide what the media standards are going to be.
  7. Take Time to Watch Appropriate Media
    We need to take time to watch appropriate media with children and discuss with them how to make choices that will uplift and build rather than degrade and destroy ("Let Our Voices Be Heard," Ensign, Nov. 2003, 18–19).

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