Recognizing an Addiction

Help and Support for Spouses

Does My Spouse Have a Pornography Problem?

Accurately discerning whether or not a spouse is struggling with pornography is a difficult, yet important first step in confronting and coping with the suspicions you may have. Here are some common signs that may indicate an existing problem.

  1. Irritability
    Is your spouse more irritable and "on the edge"?
  2. Financial
    Are there unaccounted for expenditures?
  3. Unaccounted Time
    Does your spouse consistently have a lot of unaccounted-for time?
  4. Disconnected
    Does your spouse seem emotionally disconnected?
  5. Relationship
    Have you noticed a significant or even subtle change in your physical, emotional, and/or social relationship?
  6. Spiritual
    Does your loved one seem less interested in spiritual things?

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